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14 March, 2023

Having a meal or sipping on a cup of tea or coffee while taking in a bird’s eye view of the city from the top of a building is something spectacular. Because of the concrete jungles that have taken over our cities, eating outdoors seems more appealing than indoors. This is why rooftop restaurants are among the most common business categories today. It is an attractive feature for diners looking for an enjoyable outdoor dining experience. There is also nothing more soothing than eating a beautiful, delectable rooftop lunch while taking in the fresh, crisp air and the lit-up metropolis when individuals are tired of their frantic work schedules.

Knowing this, Kingston Hotel, one of the most renowned business hotels near BIEC, provides a rooftop dining option to all business travellers visiting the city for conferences, meetings, and other business-related events. Every business traveller can relax and savour the delicious meals Kingston’s rooftop restaurant has to offer after a long day of strenuous activities. Each item on the menu, created by top chefs in the nation, mixes distinct flavours and textures to make your meal a delightful treat, rounding out your ideal stay with a perfect and healthy meal.

But, what is it that makes rooftop dining such a pleasurable experience? Let’s find out.

Rooftop dining during the day

Although the idea of rooftop dining during the day can be a little intimidating, anyone who wants to try it will undoubtedly benefit from the sunshine and open air outside rather than dining inside a closed restaurant.  A closed restaurant will bring you cool air from the air conditioner, but dining on a rooftop can let you take in clean, fresh air.

Rooftop dining during the sunset

Who wouldn’t appreciate seeing a gorgeous sunset when they get the chance? When you enjoy your favourite evening snack and beverage on a rooftop while the stunning sunset is taking place right in front of you, the experience is much more fantastic. It’s the ideal perspective to help you let go of your work worries and take in the peaceful sunset as the sun sets and emits a magnificent tint of beautiful colours.

Rooftop dining during the night

When visiting a new place, one can eat at a rooftop restaurant and receive a full 360-degree perspective of the city. This view is especially stunning at night when the city’s lights illuminate the entire area, providing a stunning vision for the visitor.

Rooftop eating is undoubtedly breath-taking, regardless of the time of day. Morning, afternoon, evening, or night, a rooftop view can be pleasurable at all times. So, the next time you plan on a hotel stay, make sure you check for the hotel to have a rooftop dining availability, so that you can unwind and relax after work, without having to go any farther.