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1 March, 2023

No matter what kind of hotel guest an individual may be, every guest expects the basics of hygiene, room service, good food, and clear communication. But, when it is about business travellers, they are likely to expect a little more, not about grand services, but about comfort and peace, because they are there for work purposes, and want to be up and fresh for every business meeting and event they are there to attend in the city. They want their stay to be easy, as they don’t have the time to deal with any minor inconvenience that they might face in a hotel. They are either in a hurry to reach somewhere, or when they have time to spare, they want to utilize it to catch up on work, or get some good sleep.

In any case, a business traveller would want to book a hotel that offers them a stay that is a perfect blend of being fluid and functional. “Fluid” is when the entire journey of the stay is made easy, right from booking the hotel – online or offline – up till the checkout and payment. And, “functional” is when the stay offers them everything they’d need to make their professional stay better, in terms of amenities and facilities, something that we’ve spoken about more in the blog below.

Ease of booking and payment

When the bookings and payments are made easy, half the work is already done. More and more business travellers are now doing everything online. They search for hotels online, browse through the rooms and services offered, pick up the one they feel to be the best, make the booking online, and also pay for the booking online. This way they save on a lot of time and effort that may otherwise be wasted looking around for a hotel and making a booking after landing in the city. This makes it very important for a hotel to have an online presence if they want to target business travellers. Hotels are expected to have a good website that speaks all about the hotel and its services, and also offer facilities to book and make payments online.

A hygienic and peaceful room

Not only a business traveller, but any hotel guest planning on staying in a hotel will expect a clean and hygienic room. The beds must be prepped up well, the floors should be thoroughly clean, the bathrooms should be sparkling fresh, and the space should be pleasant-smelling. Other than that, every hotel guest would want a peaceful sleep at night. Especially, when it is a business traveller, they’d want to book a hotel that isn’t in mid-city, because they’d want to have a noise-free sleep at night so that they’re up fresh the next morning for their meeting or conference.

A working environment

Most working professionals are connected to their work even when they’re not attending a conference or event in the city. This means they might work even when they’re within the room. Offering such travellers a separate space to work within the room can help. A table and a chair, with a charging port around, can be a good addition to the basic room service. A kettle, and complimentary sachets of tea, coffee, milk, and sugar can also add up on the stars that a business traveller might give to a hotel.

Free internet

The internet is one of the prime tools that most business travellers will seek. Such guests work from their laptops, connect with their colleagues and seniors through video calls and chats, and conduct additional research on the fly. All of this requires internet, and if the hotel provides them with Wi-Fi, they’d be grateful since they can save on their mobile data while within the hotel. Speed and connectivity with updated internet are essential. And, if the hotel provides it for free, there can be nothing better!

To sum it all up, an online presence, easy booking, convenient payment options, clean hygienic rooms, 24×7 room services, a peaceful night’s sleep, a serene working environment, and free internet access are all the essentials that a business traveller would look for in a hotel. And, Kingston Hotel is one place where you can get all of that! You can browse through all the rooms and facilities available on the hotel’s website, and conveniently make your booking online. The hotel promises clean, elegant, air-conditioned rooms, that offer best-in-class services all round the clock like room service, free Wi-Fi, laundry service, pure veg restaurant, complimentary buffet breakfast, and lots more. Furthermore, set in the industrial area of Peenya, the hotel is away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, thus providing a peaceful and calm environment during the night, so that every guest walking in can have a good night’s sleep. All of this makes Kingston Hotel one of the best hotels in Peenya, offering so much to every guest, at the best price guarantee!