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4 April, 2023

The last few years have been difficult for the hotel sector. The pandemic was the initial cause, and the hotel industry is one that hasn’t fully recovered yet. While things have begun to turn out in their favour, they still do face some difficulties, such as those mentioned below.

Employee turnover and a lack of personnel

The hospitality sector has experienced a rise in employee shortages over the past few years. As a result, many hotels were forced to reduce their hours of operation, leave their front desks unmanned, and shorten their breakfast hours. Unfortunately, it is challenging to attract the right applicants despite advertising the openings and providing competitive salaries. Employee engagement and satisfaction are crucial in this case for retention. For the overall advantages of the business, intensive training and accelerated management courses have become essential.

The crisis of living expenses

Consumers appear to spend less money on dining out, staying in hotels, and other forms of hospitality since the pandemic, unless absolutely necessary. On the other hand, the expense of running a business on a daily basis is still rising in the hospitality sector. Simply put, businesses must discover their own means of coping, which tends to be easier said than done.


Consumers today are more conscientious than ever before, and the climate catastrophe frequently occupies the public’s attention. The hospitality sector has been significantly impacted by the increase in ethical consumerism, with customers more likely to steer clear of eco-unfriendly establishments. Businesses today need to make a greater effort to be more aware of their environmental impact in order to address this concern and guarantee that the company remains a viable choice in the eyes of consumers. It has become crucial to create a sustainable company model.

The aforementioned three factors have made it much more challenging for businesses to function at maximum efficiency, making it harder to facilitate as demand starts to rise. Customers want lower prices and there aren’t enough employees, but everyday expenses must still be fulfilled, and an environmentally friendly strategy must also be taken into account. To do this on a tight budget and still satisfy the rising demand is all but impossible.

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