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22 February, 2023

Not all travellers have the same purpose for a visit to the city. Some may be there for some fun, others may be on a more serious working mode. Some may be on a complete escape purpose, others may want to mix and balance both work and play. But, one thing that every kind of traveller would want is a good hotel room, and decent services. Understanding that every type of traveller is different, and has different expectations, hotels are upgrading themselves to offer more personalized services to every guest walking in.

There are basically two types of hotel stays guests may be coming in for – one is a casual stay, and the other being a business trip. But again, a casual stay may also have different expectations from different guest types, depending upon whether they are a single traveller, a retired couple, or a family. Similarly, a business trip traveller may also have different expectations, based on their age group or the kind of work they need to do during the stay. Let’s talk in detail about each kind of traveller.

Casual stay

People who’re travelling for a vacation, a visit around the city, some particular shopping spree, or tourism are those that have approached the hotel for a casual stay. Such travellers can be too demanding in terms of the services they need. Because they’re out on an escape from their regular schedules, they want more of fun, more of comfort, and more of leisure.

  • A backpacker – This category is for a traveller with minimal luggage, who is there just for experience, but wants it at a very affordable price. Such travellers are typically more price conscious and may tend to sacrifice a few comforts in order to get a lower bill. They’d want a sight-seeing experience around the city, good food, and cheap accommodation. They’ll appreciate if they can get a guide and map that describe local sites and trails, with all the possible information they can get about the local culture around.
  • Luxury traveller – These travellers, unlike the backpackers, want high-quality service, no matter if they’d have to spend a little extra in order to get it. What they believe in is that they’re out on a vacation, so there’s no harm in splurging a bit to pamper themselves. Luxury travellers will expect impeccable service, high-end facilities, and meticulous attention to detail. They’d appreciate a hotel restaurant, a hotel bar, spa treatment, and exclusive excursions to renowned tourist spots around the city.
  • A family – When a family walks in, it has people of all age groups. This may include senior citizens, adults, teenagers, and kids. This makes for scattered activity preferences, which means they want a wide array of options from the hotel, such as game zone, park, swimming pool, spa, and trivia nights hosted.
  • The retired – When it is a retired couple or a group of senior citizen friends, they’re there purely for an authentic experience, memories they’d want to take back home and cherish for the rest of their lives. They want a comfortable stay, respectable environment, good food, and a perfect relaxation experience.

Business trip

When on a business trip, the traveller may not be in much demand for fun or excursion. They’re there for work purposes, which will keep them mostly occupied throughout the day. Then, when they have the night to themselves, they may either use it to stay back in the hotel room and relax, or move out in the vicinity to have some good food and drinks, or explore the nightlife. It is very rare when a business traveller may be able to balance their work and fun mode together.

  • Millennials – Most business travellers would be millennials, followed by a few baby boomers and Generation X. While the latter two wouldn’t demand much, the millennials would. Millennials would try to look for new experiences while they’re on their trip to make the most of it. Along with relaxation, they’d also look for having an authentic experience. They want to cover most things in a shorter time frame. A great night life, a delicious cuisine, a nearby bar are some things they’d love. Also, any fun events within the hotel or surrounding area may interest them. For hotels who want to target such guests, an appealing and user-friendly online presence is a must!
  • Generation Z – Rare but significant, Generation Z travellers may also belong to this segment. And those belonging to this generation are more mobile-savvy. The first and foremost thing they’d thus want is free and superfast WiFi. They’d also love high-quality food, some alcohol, and information about the nightlife in the city. Laundry services and transportation services from the hotel’s end will also be appreciated.
  • Digital workers – These are those guests who have no time for play or fun. They’re dedicated workaholics, who focus only on work. Along with their daytime meetings, they also want to work at night. Computer and internet access are thus of prime importance to such travellers. A separate working space within the room will also be valued. A quiet and calm environment that can enable a better working environment is of utmost importance to such guests.

A guest persona is a description of the type of guest walking in at a hotel. Understanding the guest persona can help deliver a more satisfying experience to every guest. Kignston Hotel understands this and thus strives to deliver only the best to every casual stay and business trip traveller. With clean elegant rooms, a comfortable stay, and 24×7 room services, the hotel offers all the very basics every hotel guest would want. Further, strategically located in Yeshwanthpur, the hotel offers both commercial hangout places and tourism opportunities to every kind of traveller. While the malls, the Wonderla Amusement Park, and Isckon Temple in the vicinity can make it a thrilling experience for a casual traveller, the hotel is already known to be an ideal choice for corporate travellers, as it offers great value, luxury, and service that’s personal and par excellence, making it one of the best hotels in Yeshwanthpur!