Every guest walking into a hotel expects something out of the management and staff. Everything from the ambience to the rooms to the food and the services offered are expected to be up to the mark, something that can prove to be a value for their money. Whether it is a 3-star, 5-star, or 7-star hotel, expectations are made depending upon the level of the hotel. A guest would expect almost everything from a 7-star hotel, and quite lesser from a 3-star one, but expectations are always there. We’ve compiled 10 expectations that guests want to experience at any hotel they book.


When a guest enters the hotel, the first thing that catches their attention is the environment and ambience. The moment they put their foot in, they are already half decided as to whether they want to go further into enquiring about the rooms or not. What they notice is the interiors, the lighting, the aroma, and the music playing in the background. All of this accounts for the ambience of the hotel. The interiors should be spick and span, with the paints being bright and fresh, the furniture being up-to-date and perfect, and everything from the foot mat to the carpet, flooring, and ceiling being flawless. The lighting should be adequate, one that feels inviting and comforting. Improved lighting can set the right mood and ambience, quickly turning the guest’s mood into a positive one. The aroma of the hotel should be pleasant that calm even the most agitated guest. Fragrance and aroma, after all, influence psychological behaviour and influence the mood. Their should be soft comforting music playing in the background that seems to be heard, while also not disturbing the conversations between the guest and the staff.

Warm welcome

Once the ambience has done its part, it’s now the responsibility of the staff to take care of the rest. Guests want to be invited with a warm welcome, a pleasing smile, and words of friendliness. The manager or receptionist, whosoever is responsible, should greet the guests, welcome them, and answer all of their questions calmly and patiently. It is only once the guests are satisfied with the front staff, will they move on to checking the rooms.


Hygiene is the most important expectation when it comes to a hotel room. Lack of cleanliness can cause a bad reputation about your hotel, never having the guest return to you again. When everything is neat, clean, and hygienic, it may or may not go unnoticed. But, when there’s poor hygiene, it immediately gets attention, making the guest complain in an instant. This makes hygiene and cleanliness the top priority for every hotel.


Guests want effective communication whenever they’re speaking to anyone present on the hotel staff, may it be the manager, receptionist, housekeeper, attendant, or even the security at the gate. A hotel’s communication thus needs to be streamlined so that the guests are completely satisfied when they’re answered to for every question effectively and efficiently. This means every hotel needs to be responding timely to a guest request, and also bring on the right person immediately to help solve any problem that arises during the stay.

Quality and authentic service

Quality authentic service is of prime importance. It could be hard to achieve, but it’s important. It is such an experience that will have the guest returning again, and spreading the word to their friends and family. You’ll need polite and helpful staff to be around, offering the guests all that they want with a pretty smile spread across their face.

Phone service

Whenever a guest needs anything, they won’t walk all the way to the reception to ask for it. All they want to do is pick up the phone, ask for what they want, and have it delivered to their room. This could be water, beverages, food, or any other service or enquiry. Although every hotel today has this phone facility installed, they aren’t apt at thoroughly attending to the task. This is what puts off the guest. Guests want quick delivery of whatever they ask for, which means the hotel staff always needs to be at their toes.


Most guests prefer having their food delivered right into their rooms, rather than having to walk down to the restaurant within or outside of the premises. if the hotel offers food over the phone, there can be nothing better! The more options they have in cuisine, the better. After all, good food and prompt food delivery are two factors that can cover up for any other faults or errors in the hotel’s system or service. That’s because food is a key part of a hotel experience.


Every guest wants a comfortable stay, but also one that is safe and secure. They want to feel at home in the hotel, even when they’re away from home. Especially when it is about women, children, and the elderly, safety and convenience are prime factors. Guests also expect safety measures in times of urgencies, which is why they’re favouring advanced technology-based safety measures.

Value for money

It is always better to exceed guest expectations, rather than stick to their expectations. This way they’ll feel that they’ve got enough value for the money they’ve paid for the hotel stay. This means they’ll be coming back for more, and may also suggest the hotel to their friends and relatives.

Additional amenities

Any additional amenities can do no harm. Certainly, these amenities may not be available in budget hotels, but any 5- or 7-star hotel can definitely afford to offer these to the guests. Other than clean, hygienic, elegant rooms, with 24×7 room amenities and services, guests will be thrilled to receive something extra. This could include a spa session, a swimming pool, a gaming zone, a bar, or a gym.

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