Travelling is typically a really exciting event that will make individuals joyful and positive. Travellers, however, will have very precise expectations for their holiday, and most crucially, their stay at the hotel they book their rooms at, in order to maintain that feeling. And a lot of it is centred around personalized experiences, whether it is at the front desk or when requesting assistance from the hotel staff. Here is where a hotel must make sure that it satisfies the emotional experience that its visitors seek from their hotel stay. Making the guest feel a certain way when they interact with the hotel’s products and services can help the hotel increase guest engagement. The best methods for improving hotel guests’ experiences are listed below and ought to be effective for all hotels and hotel visitors.

Using consistent messaging across all platforms

Travellers will be especially unhappy if they arrive to find a hotel hasn’t lived up to its promise of offering them whatever they have hooked them with before the booking. Stock-standard rooms, no special activities, monotone staff, and mediocre amenities are just a few of them. setting unrealistic expectations is the worst thing, as it can reduce trust, increase negative experiences, and impact engagement. Thus, it is vital for the hotel to be honest about its existing and potential services, and to ensure that what guests are promised before their stay matches at least some of what they really experience during the stay. The same rule applies even for the online platforms a hotel has its presence on. The hotel’s website and social media pages shouldn’t be too different from one another. If so, the visitors may get confused after visiting both the platforms. The brand identity should be instantly recognizable everywhere, despite the fact that they are separate platforms and need to be somewhat customized across all devices.

Communicating and building relationships as early as possible

Before checking in for their stay, guests want to feel at ease and enthusiastic about the hotel. Thus, even before the booking is made, clear lines of communication are crucial. Having to go through several procedures only to get an answer or make a request might make communication feel burdensome for the guests. However, if a hotel contacts visitors as soon as a request is made with an email or message to answer any questions and meet demands to the best of their ability, the guests will feel valued and appreciated, which will make for a much better and more pleasant hotel experience. The hospitality sector places high value on anticipating a guest’s wants even before they arrive at the hotel, so any extra comfort and thoughtfulness will be welcomed. While the guest is staying at the hotel, the same rules still apply. Any restrictions, constraints, or delays will annoy the guests. Therefore, communication should be simple, effective, and quick. Additionally, all requests, feedback, and complaints must be addressed immediately and appropriately.

Obsessing over guests

You get what you receive; this is one established truth. And the same applies to the hotel industry too. Any hotel wants positive evaluations from visitors, but in order to get those, the hotel must first treat visitors well. If a hotel can make its visitors feel valued – almost like the most important person on the entire property – it’s likely to receive the much desired five stars. The guests will be pleased to reward the employees and the hotel in return if they go above and beyond to extend a warm welcome, deliver everything requested and demanded promptly, and offer every service in a way that makes the visitors feel special. This could include stellar ratings, excellent feedback, and favourable word of mouth.

The hotel benefits from guest engagement in terms of reviews, social sharing, and increased bookings, which results in overall fantastic income and business. Since both the guests and the hotel stand to benefit, engaging the guests is crucial. The Kingston Hotel has a strong brand identity across all channels, treats guests like none other, and is renowned for its opulent, first-rate services. Not surprisingly, Hotel Kingston is regarded as one of the top hotels in Yeshwanthpur, serving as a royal abode for each visitor arriving in Bangalore!