It’s extremely likely that one would get online to check for a hotel before booking one on their travel to another city. They’ll check for the best hotels, the reviews, and the hotel’s website itself. It’s a human mentality today to get online, check for things, compare similar stuff, and then decide on booking a product or service. And, the same goes for making a hotel booking. Plus, when it is a hotel booking for corporate purposes, one would want to be more careful than ever. After a hectic day attending meetings, seminars, and conferences, one would want to get back to their hotel room, and let their hair down. They want an extremely comforting and relaxing environment within their room, with modes of relaxation like TV, WiFi, and more. When they’re ready to pay a good sum of money for a room, even if that’s for a day, they want the most of it. So, they get online, mostly to Google, and search for the best hotels in the area their meetings are to be held. Then, they’d get on to the websites of those hotels, and get every detail about the services offered. And, once they’re interested in a particular hotel, one thing they may also go through is their blogs section, to know more about the place. Let’s get into the details of the thought process of any random guest who would be searching for a hotel room.

How guests perceive information online

The best hotels on Google spike confidence

Any individual is most likely to first get onto Google for their search. Google seems to be the highest trusted platform for any search made. So, someone looking for a hotel will type into Google’s search bar and wait for the search engine to come up with a list of the top 10 hotels in the area. The top 3 will be the most trusted, followed by the last 7. Anything beyond that list is most likely to be neglected.

A website tells about all the services that’ll be offered

The next step is to get on to the website of the top hotels listed on SERPs. A website speaks about everything from the history, to the location and surrounding areas, to the room details, and every other amenity that will be offered to the guests during their stay. This helps guests know about every important information they’d need about their stay.

A social media presence only adds to the value

Even after Google has the hotel listed in the top 10, guests are wanting more of proof. They are then likely to check for the hotel’s social media presence. With social media becoming a rage today, people are trusted these platforms more than anything else. A social media presence thus only adds to the value of the hotel. Promoting oneself on every possible social media platform has thus become a necessity today.

The blogs reveal all kinds of information

When a hotel interests the guests, they’ll move ahead to the blogs section to know more about the hotel. That’s because the blogs can speak about the most current details and information, such as information on local events, any discounts or packages that are on at present, any restaurants and interesting places to visit in the vicinity, and a lot more.

How a website and blog can benefit the hotel?

As much as a website and blog can benefit the guests to know about what they are booking before they schedule their stay, it proves equally beneficial for the hotel too. First and foremost, a well-designed website, and all-informative blogs, if interest the guest, they’ll book the hotel right away. Next, frequently published well-written blogs can raise the bar for the hotel by bringing more and more potential guests to the website, thus improving the hotel’s ranking in SERPs. So, it’s not a one-way road; rather it’s a win-win situation for both ends.

Kingston Hotel – The place you should be when in Peenya

Peenya is an industrial area in Bangalore, and is one of the biggest industrial areas in Asia, housing all kinds of small, medium, and large-scale industries. If you have to visit anywhere in or around the area, and are looking for a hotel to book in the vicinity, Kingston Hotel is the one. Google also agrees to the same!

  • When you get on to Google and type in its search bar “hotels in Peenya industrial area”, the first hotel it will show on its listing is Kingston Hotel, giving it a 4.7 star rating out of 5.
  • Kingston Hotel has a very beautifully designed website that speaks all about what the hotel is about – its location, room details, amenities, unique specialties, nearby tourist attractions, and every other important detail.
  • Kingston Hotel also has a social media presence on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which shows how active the hotel is online, with its reach spreading far and wide.
  • Kingston Hotel is always updated with the latest blogs that tell in detail about its services offered, the nearby locations you can visit during your stay, etc.