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28 December, 2022

What do you expect when you get into a hotel? Luxury, comfort, amenities, facilities, and good food? But, you want all of that at the best price, right? While you want all of this so easily, do you know the efforts that go behind setting up it all for you? There’s a whole team working neck to neck, day and night to help achieve this goal.

As one of the most reputed hotels in Peenya, we, at Kingston Hotel, understand the importance of every client walking in, and want to give them the best. This is why we’ve worked hard to bring to you a hotel that offers everything a guest would need, while at stay. Whether the guest is with us for only a night, or for an entire week, we strive to provide them with nothing but the best. Ask for clean rooms, good food, in-room amenities, room service, and high-speed internet, we have it all already arranged for you. Let’s tell you in detail what all has made Kingston Hotel an ideal choice for the corporate traveller, who is looking for luxury and service that is personal and par excellence.

Clean elegant rooms

The first thing that a guest wants is a clean room. The bed, the sheets, the furniture, the flooring, and the bathroom, everything needs to be spick and span. A clean room is the most important thing, which is the first thing on the visitor’s mind, and should also be the biggest consideration for any hotel owner.

Kingston Hotel brings 39 lavishly designed fully-furnished air-conditioned rooms, that are thoroughly clean, and also kept clean while every guest’s stay with 24×7 room service available.

Complimentary and tasty food and beverages

When you’re paying a good amount for a hotel stay, you want to be credited with something nice. There can be nothing better than to be complimented with some tasty food and drinks, especially when it is just as you wake up from a good night’s sleep. That’s why people have generally been seen to ask whether the hotel offers complimentary breakfast, tea, and coffee.

Kingstone Hotel understands the happiness that lies in such complimentary gifts, which is why we offer complimentary bottled water in every room, and also complimentary buffet breakfast.

The best price

Price is a big consideration! While guests want every comfort to live in, they also want the best price. They tend to check in multiple hotels in the area, cross-checking the amenities offered, while also finding out the best priced hotel. Many hotels ask for a handsome amount with all the amenities offered, while others ask for only a nominal charge.

Kingston Hotel confirms the best price guarantee. With availability to three different types of rooms – deluxe, executive, and suite – you can get access to your own sized room at a convenient price. While each room offers a comfortable stay, all the available amenities, 24×7 room service, and complimentary breakfast, the difference lies only in the size of the room, which alters the price.

Room service and in-room amenities

Room service is of utmost importance, especially when the guest is there to stay for more than a day. They want the beds made back and the floors and bathroom thoroughly clean, putting out all the garbage collected in the bin box through the day they’ve spent there. Even if they’re there for a day, they want access to easy internet, television, hot-cold water options, and such basic elements.

Kingston Hotels knows the importance of all such amenities, which is why we offer 24×7 hot-cold water, 400+ Dish TV channels, high speed complimentary WiFi, 24×7 laundry service, doctor-on-call, and STD-ISD direct calling systems.

Proximity to the market and airport/railway station

Guests want a hotel that is in proximity to the airport or railway station, whichever mode they wish to take to travel in and out of the city. Also, they want to have easy access to the market or malls, in case of any emergencies, requirements, or whether it is just for some shopping to take back home.

Kingston Hotel is only 150 metres away from the metro station, and 3 kms away from the Yeshwanthpur railway station. Also, the international airport is just 35 kilometres away. There are two malls – the Orion Mall and the Mantri Mall – within 3 kilometres of the hotel. Not only that, we also are close to other nearby attractions like the Isckon Temple, MG Road, and Wonderla Amusement Park, where you can spend your free time. Bangalore in itself has many amazing places to visit within a range of 100 kilometres  which you must try if you can extend your corporate stay, to make it a one or two day vacation.

Check-in and check-out procedures

You’re generally allowed to check in the hotel at any time you like, but have a typical check-out time that is generally between 9 to 10 am. This makes it at times inconvenient for the guests, which is why they want flexibility of checking out a little late like around 11 am or 12 pm.

Kingston Hotel wants their guests to wake up conveniently with no hassle, and have a good night’s sleep. This is why we allow our guests to check out comfortably at 12 pm, with no hassles of waking up or packing up their stuff in the morning.

With all of the above available, Kingston Hotel offers guests with a first-class experience that combines quality and standards with warm hospitality.