The guests and guest experience are two major factors that every hotel’s business essentially revolves around; though many hotels disregard this reality. Instead, they pay attention to just one thing – bookings. But because such hotels can’t please their customers, they don’t stay in business for very long. As a result, they either miss the chance to welcome new guests or, even if they do, those guests might never come back. After all, a hotel’s focus should always be on the guest experience.

Enhancing guest experience – Why is it important?

Every guest wants to have a remarkable experience. They desire a more fulfilling experience than what they are paying for. They desire comfort, luxury, updated technologies, and personalized experiences. And when they do get all of it, they are content enough to come back. Additionally, happy customers are an extremely effective marketing tool. Happy satisfied guests will go on to suggest the hotel to their friends and family, which implies that their friends and family will probably also book their stay at the same hotel when they’re in the city. In this way, a hotel is given the chance to welcome additional customers by satisfactorily serving one guest. This is why it is crucial that every hotel gives their best shot when it comes to delivering a guest experience.

Delivering a great guest experience – Even before the beginning

The guest experience actually starts far earlier than when people arrive to stay at a hotel. It starts as soon as visitors search for the hotel on their laptops or smartphones, and contact via email or phone to make an inquiry. The layout of the hotel’s website, the information it provides, the way everything is presented, and how the staff handles mail and phone calls – all of this contributes to creating the initial stage of the visitor experience. The only way the guests intend to proceed with making a reservation is if they are satisfied with the website, the phone call, and the mail. And then, the guest experience continues throughout the entire process, right up until the guests pay their bills and check out. Each step of the process is crucial!

Enhancing guest experience before arrival

In today’s technological world, where every search is made online, an online presence for every hotel is important. Every hotel thus ought to have a website that is well-designed and contains all the information that is available about the hotel, the location, the amenities, the services, and the rates, as well as high-quality images and videos of everything that is available. Additionally, a simple method of contact or booking should be provided.

Enhancing guest experience on arrival

Half the battle is already won if the hotel came across well online or during the phone call. Next, the guests also anticipate being greeted cordially upon arrival with a professional greeting and a cheerful grin. After all, the first impression is always the last impression. The way they are greeted, the environment of the hotel, the smell and hygiene, and swift check-ins should all be taken care of when guests arrive.

Enhancing guest experience during the stay

It is crucial that the cleanliness and hygienic conditions continue to be upheld throughout the guest’s stay at the hotel, just as they are when they first arrive. It is required to maintain and clean the restrooms and rooms on a regular basis. Additionally, services are anticipated to be available around-the-clock. Every amenity in the room should be examined, and any that need to be refilled should be done right away. The staff should be on-hand and responsive to any requests made by visitors. Any complaints or requests should be handled right away.

Enhancing guest experience on departure

The experience of a guest doesn’t end with their stay. Certain things should be guaranteed even when leaving. The check-out procedure should be simple, any unpaid bills should be brought up to date as soon as possible, and the staff should carry the guest’s luggage from the room to the cab. The guests should be graciously thanked for their visit, excused for any inconveniences, and asked to return soon before gracefully departing. Additionally, it is important to embrace any input from visitors so that the strong features can be identified, while the weaknesses improved upon.

A positive guest experience is one of the best ways to build a brand. Similarly, a negative guest experience will impact the reputation as well as the revenue of the business. It is thus crucial to take into account each of the aforementioned aspects before inviting a guest on board. Hotel Kingston very well understands the importance of a good guest experience, which is why it delivers great value, luxury, and service to every guest that is personal and par excellence; thus making it one of the most admired hotels near BIEC.