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6 June, 2023

Kempegowda, a chieftain who founded Bangalore in the sixteenth century, is largely responsible for the current development of the city. Legend has it that Kempegowda saw a cow calmly grazing on the ground in a dream, and he interpreted it as a sign to start building the city. Due to Kempegowda’s insistence on protecting green spaces, Bangalore is now referred to as the “Garden City”. In order to create its rich culture, Bangalore today combines its varied past with an amalgamation of various civilizations brought about by the various people who have travelled to the city. Let’s bring to light some of the contemporary cultural elements of Bangalore.

Language and literature

Bangalore is known for its linguistic diversity. The official language of Karnataka, Kannada, is extensively used and has a big impact on the culture of the city. Renowned Kannada authors, poets, and playwrights have surfaced from the city and made significant contributions to Kannada literature. The city has attracted residents from all over the country, therefore you can also hear a lot of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Urdu here.

Arts and crafts

The traditional arts and crafts scene continues to grow in Bangalore. Mysore silk sarees, which are weaved with exquisite patterns and vivid colours, are famous across the city. Traditional Karnataka art forms including Yakshagana, Dollu Kunitha, and Veeragase are performed at festivals and other occasions to highlight the artistic history of the city.

Music and dance

Bangalore has a rich musical history, with classical music and dance styles ingrained in the local way of life. A renowned Carnatic music festival called Tyagaraja Aradhana draws musicians and music lovers from all over the nation.


There are numerous historical and architectural landmarks in Bangalore. There are several notable examples, including the Bangalore Palace, which was constructed in Tudor-style architecture, and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, which displays Indo-Islamic architecture. The city is also home to stunning temples, churches, and mosques that showcase the diversity of its residents’ cultures and religions.


Bangalore’s diverse cultural heritage is reflected in its food scene. The city offers a broad variety of food alternatives, ranging from traditional Kannadiga cuisine to dishes from various parts of India and international cuisines. Both locals and tourists enjoy iconic regional foods like Bisi Bele Bath, Masala Dosa, Mysore Pak, and filter coffee.

The birth of the Indian IT industry

Multinational technology businesses began to establish themselves in Bangalore in the 1980s and 1990s, laying the groundwork for the expansion of the Indian IT sector. The city is now a centre for startups, technology, and innovation.

The pub culture

Bangalore is famous for having a thriving nightlife with several pubs and breweries that draw both locals and visitors. Bangalore is known for relaxation and having a good time, thanks in part to the lively ambiance, live music, and a variety of beverages.

With a steady inflow of fresh ideas and influences, Bangalore’s rich cultural legacy is a fusion of tradition and modernity. The city’s cultural environment is always changing, welcoming new performances, art forms, and artistic expressions while yet paying homage to its history and conserving its tradition. If you want to experience Bangalore’s distinctive character as a city of history, innovation, and dynamic lifestyles, you can always plan ahead on your next holiday here to enjoy the city’s rich cultural legacy. And while you’re at it, leave the Kingston Hotel, your royal abode in Bangalore, in charge of organizing your stay and lodging.

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