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13 June, 2023

Bangalore is a centre for practically anything you want to try. It’s a destination for all types of travellers, whether they are extravagant or backpackers, religious or party animals. You can discover folks here who share your interests no matter what they are. In fact, there are organizations, gatherings, and groups for every imaginable interest. That makes up for the city’s best feature: its inhabitants are curious, active, and supportive of one another. So, while you prepare for your vacation to Bangalore, we’ll help you discover everything the city has to offer.

Walk around Cubbon Park

This is the best way to begin your day. Get there early in the morning, and take a stroll around the park around 6:00 to 6:30 am. Wander past the enormous Vidhana Soudha, the dancing and melodic fountain dome, and the rose garden. And, if you’re a dog lover, you could always visit the Dog Park that is open on Sundays from 7.30 am onwards. Once you’re done, you can head towards having your breakfast.

Visit the Visveswaraya Museum

This can be your next destination. Another walker-friendly location close to Cubbon Park, this one is ideal for a couple of hours of exploration. The Government Museum, Aquarium, Venkatappa Art Gallery, and Lalbagh Botanical Garden are further nearby attractions worth seeing.

Stroll the Church Street

You can then move on to the Church Street, the perfect hangout spot for art and book lovers! This is a must-visit destination for those who enjoy arts, as it is home to a wide range of art galleries, museums, cafes, and bookstores that provide a distinctive and varied experience. The several galleries on Church Street offer a wide variety of art genres, from modern art to traditional Indian art, for those who like the visual arts. The street is also a book lover’s heaven, with a number of bookstores selling a wide range of books in many genres, from bestsellers to rare and difficult-to-find titles.

Shop at Commercial Street

The Commercial Street should be your next stop if you love to shop. This area proves to be a shopping lover’s heaven and offers you some retail therapy while you take in the busy activity all around you. Almost anything can be purchased here, including clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, clutches, handbags, shoes, home décor items, dinnerware, and much more. After you’ve had your fill of finding the best deals and navigating the odd shops dotting the narrow passageways, you can visit one of the many restaurants on Commercial Street itself for a range of street food options. Some of the delectable delicacies you can try a bite of include South Indian variety, sandwiches, pani puris, bhel puris, bhajiyas, frankies, Mangalore buns, and jalebis.

Visit popular attractions

The National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru Palace, The MadLabs, Snow City, and HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum are just a few of the top attractions in the city that you can visit after filling up on delicious snacks and meals. Other top attractions include Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, and Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park.

Enjoy yourself at the malls

You can choose to visit one or all of the aforementioned locations during the day. Following your tour to the city’s well-known attractions, you can continue on to explore its amazing malls. Two of the best malls you may visit are Orion Mall and Mantri Square Mall. The malls provide a variety of leisure options, such as air hockey, basketball, bowling, arcade games, horror houses, and numerous more activity and adventure activities. You might perhaps indulge in a restorative spa treatment or watch a movie at the mall to satiate your cinema bug.

Dine and sleep

It’s time to go to bed after all your fun! So, take a drive to one of the area’s top hotels and reserve a room for one night. One of the best options is the Kingston Hotel, one of the most renowned hotels in Peenya, which is only a short drive from any of the malls you’ve visited. The finest selection of air-conditioned rooms with the nicest views of Bangalore are available for booking here. With the most up-to-date amenities, cosy mattresses, spotless bathrooms, high-speed wi-fi, television, and lots more, you may have the nicest stays here. Additionally, there is a pure vegetarian restaurant nearby that serves delicious Indian, Chinese, and continental food. Here, you can treat your taste buds to a delectable dinner and retire to one of your most luxurious accommodations. You’ll be welcomed with a free breakfast buffet in the morning, and you may easily check out the following day at any time before 12 o’clock without any difficulties or haste.

So here’s a one-day itinerary for your visit to Bangalore. However, you can also spend an additional day or two exploring other incredible locations within 50 kilometres of Bangalore if you have time on hand, some of which are Wonder La, Dodda Alada Mara, Thottikallu Falls, Innovative Film City, and Grover’s Vineyard.