Temples are an integral part of Hinduism, which reflects a synthesis of arts, beliefs, values, and the way of life cherished under the religion. They are a sacred place where devotees can connect with their deities; a place of refuge during difficult times. There are a number of deities and temples across India, each temple being special in its own way, having its own unique history. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, one of India’s popular tourist destinations, is also home to many such varied temples. So, while you’re here on a professional visit, say a meeting or conference to attend, you can extend your stay by a day or two to visit some such temples, and add a religious essence to your trip. And, when you do so, you’ll also need to make a booking at a hotel where you can expect a comfortable and private stay. Kingston Hotel is one such place that proves to be an ideal choice for the corporate traveller with great value, luxury, and service that is personal and par excellence, making it one of the ultimate hotels near BIEC.

So, let’s get you onto a list of some of the most stunning religious sites in the city. Bangalore, being home to people of all religions, has something for everyone – devotees of Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Lord Venkateshwara, Goddess Parvati, and many others.

Chokkanathaswamy Temple – Dedicated to Lord Vishnu

One of the oldest temples built in Bangalore, the Chokkanathaswamy temple is beautifully constructed with large pillars and sculptured statues. Situated in Domlur, this temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu brings out the presence of puranic energy across the entire temple.

Hulimavu Cave Temple – Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and the Devi

This temple, located in the city’s heart, is renowned for its distinctive construction and design. Famous for its stunning and tranquil surroundings, the temple is one of the holiest places in Bangalore. There are three important dieties within the temple – a Shivalinga occupying the center, on one side being the Devi, and the other side being Lord Ganesha.

Shri Abhaya Anjaneya Temple – Dedicated to Lord Hanuman

Situated in the Agara village of South Bangalore, this Hanuman temple is one of the most important temples in Bangalore. The gigantic 102 feet tall Abhaya Anjaneya statue of Hanuman stands on a lotus pedestal, being a popular temple among the local residents, being visited by hundreds of devotees every day.

Shivoham Shiva Temple – Dedicated to Lord Shiva

A famous Shiva temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, this is a spiritual destination located on Old Airport Road, featuring a 65-feet tall state of Lord Shiva. The temple attracts almost 5,00,000 worshippers and visitors every year, with more than 1,00,000 devotees seen to pay homage on the special occasion of Maha Shivratri.

Kote Venkataramana Temple – Dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara

This temple has been built in Dravadian and Vijayanagar style by the ruler of Mysore in the late 17th century. the temple consists of a sanctum which is connected to a central hall by a vestibule, the walls having a row of deity sculptures in frieze at the base. The hall ceiling is supported by pillars that have clusters of colonettes, alternating with yalis in all four directions. The main festival celebrated at this temple is Vaikuntha Ekadashi, when thousands of devotees throng the temple.

Banashankari Amma Temple – Dedicated to Goddess Parvati

This temple is known as both Banashankari or Vanashankari, since it is located in the holy region of Tilakaaranta Forest. Devoted to Goddess Shakambari, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, is a major attraction of devotees from not only Karnataka, but also the neighbouring state of Maharashtra.