When you’re planning to stay in a hotel, whether it is for a few days, a weekend, or even one night, you expect only the best. The first thing you want to check out is the room. Before booking your stay, you ask the staff to show you the room. Only if the room feels fine to you, and you get the right kind of vibes from the room, do you move ahead to make the booking. And, the right feeling comes only after all of the below is up to the standard.

The hygiene

The first thing you want to check is how clean your room is. You walk into the room, check for all the surfaces and the flooring, to make sure everything is wiped clean. Any dirt that you observe can immediately have you to think negatively about the hotel as a whole. And, when it comes to hygiene, it’s not only the eyes that decide; it is the nose too. Yes, when we enter a hotel, or the room, our nose immediately picks up the scent of the space. The scent within the space is what also partially influences our decision. Whether we realize it or not, a beautiful scent will immediately have our minds half-decided on the verdict that we’re pleased with the hotel. After all, the cleanliness and scent, both play a very important role in picking up or rejecting a hotel altogether.

The bedding

The bed is of utmost importance. Whether it is a business stay, a casual stay, or a vacation, everyone wants a good night’s sleep; and this comes from a good bed. The bed and mattress should be of good quality; and the sheets and blankets should be clean and hygienic too. A good quality firm mattress, with pleasant-smelling sheets is what will influence the decision-making process too. Hygiene and comfort go hand in hand here.

The bathroom

After the bedding, the top priority is the bathroom. A bathroom should be maintained and sanitized, looking clean, smelling fresh, and being hygienic. There should be good ventilation so as to eliminate all smell and moisture. The basin, water closet, tub, faucets, switches, and everything else should be clean, and free from any grime. There should be clean napkins, towels, and a dustbin available. Even better is if the hotel provides 24×7 hot-and-cold water supply, toiletries, personal care products, shaving kits, and everything that may be needed.

The amenities

The basic list of amenities within a room calls for a bed, a table, a cupboard, a TV, a telephone, air-conditioner, water, and clean glasses. But, other than this, having more than the basics can also influence a guest’s decision. Other luxurious amenities include free Wi-Fi, room refreshments, coffee/tea arrangements, electric kettle, mini-fridge, and a safe. A hotel that provides all of this is considered better than a hotel with only basic amenities. Obviously, a hotel that provides all of this is going to charge a little extra for the room, but if the guest doesn’t have a restricted budget, all of these things will certainly be appreciated.

The services

Along with all the amenities offered within a room, the services offered are also important. Even if the hotel provides all the amenities, both basic and luxurious, if the services are not up to the mark, the review the guest gives is lowered. Guests expect the hotel to give 24×7 services. While daytime services are essential, night-time services, especially in times of emergencies, are expected too. Guests may need water, refreshments, food, toiletries, or anything else at any time of the day, which they expect to be provided with only a single phone call. Fast and convenient in-room services make up the framework of hospitality in any hotel. Other than these basic services, additional services like laundry, doctor on call, front service, concierge service, car parking, STD services, and more can add to the value of a hotel’s overall experience.

The hospitality industry’s prime responsibility is to look after the needs and wants of tourists visiting the city. It not only is essential for the guests, but also for the hotel itself. One happy guest will bring in more happy guests, through word-of-mouth; thus boosting the hotel’s business. Kingston Hotel considers this, which is why it strives to offer every essential amenity to every guest. Clean elegant rooms, 24×7 room services, 24×7 hot-and-cold water supply, laundry service, front service, concierge service, free Wi-Fi, Dish TV, STD/ISD direct calling, doctor-on-call, travel desk, secure car parking, and a pure Veg restaurant are only some of the best amenities the hotel has to offer, making it one of the most admired hotels near BIEC.