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20 December, 2022

Bangalore is a city that is contrastingly known as both “Garden City” and “Silicon Valley of India”. That’s because the cosmopolitan city is great for both work and personal life. People share a great work-life balance here. They enjoy a high quality of life here, while also having access to excellent career possibilities.

The city also witnesses massive amounts of meetings and conferences being held across various industry sectors and trades. This is why many meeting and conference venues have been set up, making it convenient to setup and manage all such affairs. Also, for those travelling across the nation to make it to Bangalore for a meeting, the city also hosts many beautiful hotels to help such corporates sleep well, in between their travel and meetings.

One such venue is the Kingston Hotel, located in the heart of West of Chord Road, Rajajinagar. Offering great value, luxury, and service that’s personal and par excellence, it proves to be one of the finest hotels near BIEC that brings on an intimate, yet inspiring experience. You can always book your stay here; and we’d recommend that while you’re here, you could pick out a day or two, to visit the beautiful city of Bangalore, exploring an assortment of magnificent encounters like national parks, sanctuaries, temples, forts, and so much more! Here are some of the best places to visit, within 100 kms of Bangalore, that we suggest you to drop in at.

Bannerghatta National Park (36 km)

Only 30-40 kms from Bangalore, this national park is a natural cave with a pet corner, zoo, butterfly nook, safari park, and snake house. This spot is certain to spellbind you with its antiquated sanctuaries! It is also a mainstream spot adired for climbing and traveling.

Ramanagaram (50 km)

Most famously known for its Bollywood shooting of Sholay, Ramanagaram is a must-visit for film buffs. Apart from that, you can also experience awe-inspiring opportunities of rappelling, caving, and camping here.

Chikballapura (59 km)

Encircled by five slopes, this spot is popular for sightseeing and rock climbing. It is a popular place for silk and incense industries. A one-day road trip, there are also a number of sanctuaries close by.

Kempegowda Fort (59 km)

The wonderful landscape of Kempegowda Fort makes visiting it absolutely deserving. Initially made of mud, over the years, the fort was changed into stone by Haider Ali. There is also the sanctuary of Rameshwara within the fort, made in Vijayanagara style of design.

Shivagange (60 km)

This place is a hillock, well-known as an undertaking spot and pilgrimage focus. There is a Shiva sanctuary here, and a spring close-by named Ganga, from which the sport infers its name. Acclaimed for its scenic excellence and trekking, Shivgange has a travelling trail, where you can do a 3 km trip to the highest point of the slope.

Savanadurga (60 km)

Seen as the greatest stone landmark incline in Asia, Savanadurga is an ideal goal for an excursion to asylums arranged in lower locales. This is also an ideal spot for those who endeavour rock climbing. You can also enjoy the view of the Akravati River by travelling to the top.

Skandagiri (60 km)

Acclaimed for camping and birdwatching, Skandagiri Hills are where you can walk around, encircled by fog and mist. You can also go to the top to enjoy a mesmerizing view. And then, you can extend your outing to Nandi Hills, which are nearby.

Nandi Hills (62 km)

This old slope post gets its name from the dazzling sculpture of Nandi at the doorstep of the Yoganandeeshwara Temple. Well-known for the hills, trekking, and sunrise, this spot also helps you visit nearby spots like Muddenahalli and Amrita Sarovar.

Kolar (66 km)

Celebrated for its gold mines, Kolar is a place you can be to take a look at Kolaramma and Someshwara temples, which are as old as the fifth and twelfth centuries respectively. The spot is renowned for both temple visiting and photography.

Channapatna (67 km)

Want to relive your childhood days? Channapatna is for you! Famous for its bright wooden handmade lacquer wooden toys, it is also known as the Toy Land of Karnataka. It is also home to the most seasoned sanctuary of Varadaraja, which portrays the splendour of the Vijayanagara realm.

Anthargange (70 km)

One of the most stupendous spots near Bangalore, Anthargange has a ton of caverns shaped by rocks. An ideal spot for daredevils, this place is celebrated for rock climbing, buckling, trekking, and caving.

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta (70 km)

A slope situated close to the town of Kanakpura, at a height of 3780 feet, this spot is renowned for hiking and climbing. The name itself meaning “white rocks”, the view from the top is simply unbelievable. You can also discover a sanctuary committed to Swami Rangaswamy here, giving you 4-5 hours to walk around and descend, regardless of whether you stroll at a relaxed speed.

Chunchi (90 km)

When you’re looking for a getaway close to nature, Chunchi is the perfect spot. It is an ideal spot to loosen up and interface with nature. You can swim in the midst of lovely landscapes and common stone developments. The Chunchi Falls here is a 100-feet cascade that truly mesmerizes every visitor.

Avani (95 km)

Known as a favoured spot for rock climbing, Avani is a little town situated in the Kolar District, a slope sanctuary committed to Goddess Sita. It is well-known for its Dravidian style of design, and tuns out to be a piece of the Ramalingeshwara Group of Temples.

Kotilingeshwara (97 km)

Boasting of a 108-feet tall Shivling, you’ll also be stunned and entranced to discover lakhs of other lingas in the sanctuary too. There is also a magnificent 35-feet tall Nandi here! If you’re religious enough, and a true Mahadev devotee, Kotilingeshwara is a not-to-miss spot while you’re in Bangalore.

So, while you’re enjoying your stay at the hotels near BIEC, you can always grab a day or two to visit one or more of these amazing sites, based on what kind of activity you’d love to delve in.