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9 May, 2023

The millennial demographic is an interesting market in the hospitality industry. Successful hotels must be willing to take on the challenge of getting to know these guests and their preferences if they want to attract, reach, and convert them. Millennials are a global generation of people that depend on the Internet and social media to not only narrate their daily lives, but also to inform their daily purchasing decisions. Let’s look at some interesting information regarding such millennial hotel guests.

They conduct extensive research when making reservations

When making a reservation, millennials do significantly more research than non-millennials. In fact, they also consult industry experts before making a reservation. 61% millennials consult travel agencies, travel service providers, and websites with expert opinions for advice.

They consider reviews

52% millennials take into account advice and opinions posted on travel forums, blogs, and review websites.

They consult friends and relatives

50% of millennials consult their friends, relatives, or other contacts in their network for advice on bookings and travel.

They live in a world where inspiration for newsfeeds is never-ending

For every 2 out of 5 millennials, the hotel and travel photographs they see on social media each day affect their decision to plan a vacation. In fact, they also enjoy assembling online trip inspiration photographs. In fact, 30% of millennials gather photos as not only a practical habit for bookings, but also as a leisure activity.

They’re not only looking for the lowest-price

The lowest price is not everything for a millennial. Rather, they want a personalized experience, with suggestions, travel advice, and personalized guidance too.

They favour experiences over things

72% of millennials intend to take a dream holiday in the future, which speaks more about experiences than things. Millennials are more inclined towards experiencing the local culture of the city. 60% of millennials feel that an authentic local culture of the city is what makes a trip most memorable.

Safety is their top concern

Much more than their predecessors, 68% of millennials are concerned about their safety while travelling.

They have firm confidence in technology

82% of millennials are inclined towards hotels that incorporate technology in their systems; for instance, technology that can automatically modify a room’s temperature in accordance with a guest’s body temperature.

They respond positively to personalized recommendations

A business that makes surprise holiday recommendations based on a person’s personality and budget is appealing to two out of every three millennials

They are the first digitally active generation

56% of millennials always almost post photos or videos of their vacation on social media while they are on vacation. And, they also want a response on their vacation pictures. 58% of millennials claim that social recognition is significant to them, mostly in the form of comments on their vacation images. And, because they are so digitally active, they’d love to opt for a hotel that is digitally active too. The first sign for a hotel to be digitally active is to have an online presence – a website, a social media existence, online contacting options, online booking procedures, and more.

As you can see, millennials desire more customization and professionalism. They desire to book a hotel that provides exceptional professional experiences and is more unique and tailored to their needs. They want hotels to offer them a range of options, such as activity packages, lodging upgrades, and other choices. Their main travel priorities are adventure and authenticity. They are curious about different meals, local customs, and other subjects. They also prefer to do everything online because they are more digital. The Kingston Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Yeshwanthpur because it recognizes all of these needs and does its best to provide every millennial with the best of comfort, the best of luxury, and the best of experiences.